Bliss Lite Blueberry Cheesecake Review

Annnnnnnd here’s a little something different. So far on this blog, I’ve only reviewed juices of a fruit/candy variety, and today I’m drinking a coffee and waiting for some Blueberry Cheesecake to infiltrate the Orange Lemon Sour Candy (review coming soon) that’s currently saturating my cotton. I can’t think of a better combination for a Sunday afternoon 🙂 Thanks to the special peeps who have recommended I try this combo.

Dessert flavours aren’t something I normally vape as they seem to be delicious and tasty for one tanks load, but after that for me just seem a little bit too heavy, however this will be the first time vaping this in my profile unity, which to be fair as given absolutely every vape juice I’ve tasted so far a heap of different flavour notes. If you get the chance to vape on the profile unity, I highly recommend you do.

OK, this flavour is really starting to come through now. I’m getting a spongey kind of vanilla taste. It’s completely decadent. The blueberry is subtle, but the cheesecake is there. It could be due to my old juice still reminiscing in there somewhere. All of the Bliss flavours I’ve tried so far have had a little bit of a tobacco feel to them, and I’m not getting anything but dessert in this one.

If dessert is your wheelhouse then I think you’ll absolutely love this one. While I personally find one tank enough to satisfy my limited sweet tooth, for you it may be your new all day vape.

Check out more reactions in the video below 🙂

And now for some stats

Flavour Profile: Dessert
Prominent Flavour: Cake/Cheesecake
Active Menthol/Mint: No
Active Cooling: No, in fact, it has a warm feel
Nicotine: 3mg
VG/PG: 70/30
Philippines Price: ~₱125 per 30ml (~$2.40 USD)


If you’d like to get more information, check out the video review I’ve done of the juice. See you in the next one 🙂