Lemon Orange Sour Candy – Cloud Empire by Steep n Drip Review

Warm hellos to all you vapours out there, today I’m back with a new review for you. This one an absolute delight, a Lemon Orange Sour Candy, a Cloud Empire range by Steep n Drip! I’m currently talking to them in another window to find out some of the specifics, so in the meantime why don’t I tell you a little bit about this juice.

Firstly, DAYYUM, what an absolute pleasure it is having this juice in my setup. It’s delicious in every draw, speaking of which, hold on just one second…………….. Mmmmm. I’ve never experienced a “sour” in a vape juice before, and this is no exception.

The flavours I’m getting from this are predominantly Lemon and Orange, and definitely from a candy perspective. Just like the label, ha! But I’m not sure on the sour properties they might be there, but I can’t quite put that flavour into words.

For me, this is not only all day vapable but all week vapable. Every single draw is infused with deliciousness, and I’m absolutely thrilled skinny to have found this juice.

The guys over at Steep n Drip seem extremely nice, and they have cleared up a few points for me which I’ll detail here:

Vape Liquid Specs/Details

Flavour Profile: Lemon and Orange Candy
Prominent Flavour: Lemon (60%) Orange (40%) candy (100%)!
Active Menthol/Mint: Nope
Active Cooling: Slight. A little bit on the inhale
Nicotine: 3mg
VG/PG: 80/20
Philippines Price: ~₱180 per 60ml (~$3.40 USD)

AVAILABLE ONLINE: Currently not available online

However, I have heard good things about Demon Vape Royal Tru Orange (RTO), beware the mint, if you try it, let me know!

A little bit more information from the manufacturer, their main lines are Steep n Drip and Steeped Candies, but they are currently also working on Fog Fest E-Liquid, Cloud Empire. Rampage Vendette, Magnificent 8, Sweet Sensation & G-Spot E-Juice. If I see any of these juices online I’ll be sure to get back to you with a new review!

Check out the video review:

Here is the Facebook link to Steep n Drip

See you in the next one!