Vape Kick’s Fantastix Blends Lemonade Review

Hey hey hey, I have another review in the bank, one I need to get edited and up, but this juice was hitting me in my sweet spot since I got it, I had to get it up and online.

This is lemonade, it’s pretty much the entire review. It’s got a little fizz, it’s got a little but of a sweet sensation, flavour wise it’s more 7up than Sprite, it’s got a little mint, but I’m talking like a 2%

I picked this up the other night at Planet Vape, check out their locations and website, they can be pricey, but you can believe that the products are on point. This isn’t something I’ve been able to find on Lazada, but here’s a different recommended lemonade juice you can pick up there a bit cheaper – here’s the Vapetasia Peach Lemonade Review

I really can’t say more about this, but I can provide you some specs!

Eliquid Specs/Low-Down

Flavour Profile: LEMONADE!

Prominent Flavour: All 7up like fizzy lemonade

Active Menthol/Mint: 1/2%

Active Cooling: Nope

Nicotine: 3mg

VG/PG: 60/40

Price/Where To Purchase

Philippines Price: ~₱400 per 60ml (~$7.90 USD)

AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY: Maybe Planet Vape will send it to you.

More info here in my latest video

Until the next time 😉