My Nasty Juice Green Ape Philippines Review

Hola me amigos. Another day, another e-liquid review. Today I’m vaping on some Nasty Juice Green Ape.

I purchased this liquid at my local vape show “Your Vape Shop Needs” in Mandaluyong. Actually by accident! I was supposed to pick up the Mango version, but my bad, at least it gives me something to look forward to trying, because this juice line by Nasty Juice, is delicious.

My thoughts on flavour are WOW, there’s NO MINT, YAY! Haha, you Filipinos love your mint, it dominates the market with ~80% of non-dessert flavoured eliquids containing some kind of mint/menthol/cooling agent!

This one, sans mint, it noice. I’m really liking it and I’m going to continue to pump the chugger with it today, see if I can use it as an all-day vape. My premonitions are optimistic!

When vaping this, on the inhale, there is a nice sweet sugary feel popping off on my tongue. And on the exhale it’s a lovely apple chewy sweet//candy flavour. On some inhales I’ve actually gotten a real apple taste, but maybe that’s just in my hungry mind?!!?!

This looks like a new juice line from Nasty Juice, as I’ve only just recently started seeing it in my local vape shop, and I couldn’t find it for sale on lazada. But you can by the looks of it purchase it from Nasty Juice themselves, check out the link here

And today’s specs!

Vape Liquid Specs/Details

Flavour Profile: Apple Candy
Prominent Flavour: All apple zero mint (for me
Active Menthol/Mint: Nada
Active Cooling: Nope
Nicotine: 3mg
VG/PG: 70/30
Philippines Price: ~₱150 per 60ml (~$2.90 USD)

AVAILABLE ONLINE: Not on Lazada yet, but keep an eye on this link
AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY: Check it out at Nasty Juice (acutally maybe not stocker there yet, but keep your eye out!)

For more info, check out my latest video review:

See you in the next one!