Slushiee Kiwi Strawberry Review

Yo yo yo, another juice review for you here today and this time another juice from Slushiee, the same company that brought you the Mango Lychee. This is available in a lot of local juice stores and I’e also been able to locate it online here. Please let me know in the comments if there are any problems with the links, or use your google skills to find another. Hint copy this – Slushiee Kiwi Strawberry – and paste into google 😉

This is a pretty sweet juice, literally! It’s fruity to the toke, with strawberry and kiwi being the major flavours I’m getting from this juice. Tiny hints of menthol and a slight slight slight cooling factor, this is a juice for people with a sweet tongue.

There are quite a few varieties in this line, and if I get the chance I’ll continue to bring you more reviews from Slushiee, as I’m quite enjoying this line.

Vape Liquid Specs/Details

Flavour Profile: Kiwi and Strawberry
Prominent Flavour: Kiwi and Strawberry
Active Menthol/Mint: The smallest amount
Active Cooling: Slight. If at all.
Nicotine: 3mg
VG/PG: 80/20
Philippines Price: ~₱110 per 60ml (~$2.10 USD)


For more info, check out my latest video review:

See you in the next one!