Twist Vapors – Annoying Orange – Philippines (Locally Only?)

Hola hola, coming back at you for day 2/2! This time with another juice that I’m personally liking. Liking liking. To me another one of my all day vapables, as I’ve mentioned, a rarity.

This one’s going to be mostly easy to review. The issues arise when trying to find out more information about this juice/e-liquid online. Information such as VG/PG ratios for example. It seems to be that the juice market out here in the Philippines is the wild wild west. And while I appreciate the sheer selection of juices I have locally and at my fingertips, I’ve got to wonder about everything from a quality assurance point of view. However, I’m, going into realms I do honestly not understand, so I will go no further, and be thankful for what I have.

Annoying Orange is tasty indeed. The First. Nice. Strong tasting. Orange flavoured juice! Sans menthol/mint/cooling(maybe?).

Let me repeat myself! This is the first orange vape juice that I’ve found that I a) enjoy, b) that isn’t minty and c) is strong enough to actually taste the orange. Mind you I shouldn’t be so blasé, this is only my 5th one to try. Relax new vapor guy.

Anyways, as I mentioned information about this juice/liquid was hard to find, but here’s what I can tell from the label and my own thoughts:

Flavour Profile: Fruit
Prominent Flavour: Orange
Active Menthol: No
Active Cooling: Maybe, at most 5-10% of what I would consider a strong cooling effect
Nicotine: 3mg
VG\PG: ?\?
Price: ~₱250 (~US $4.75)

CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE – However, with this TwistedVapors not seeming to be around anymore, I have heard good things about the products from THIS Twisted Vapors.

Have reached out to DailyClouds, but so far have heard nothing back at the time of publishing. I will update this page if I hear back from them or learn any new information.

Thanks for reading, check out my video for more information about my thoughts on this juice!