Vapetasia Peach Lemonade Review Review

It’s been a long time! You know life and stuff get in the way of these things, but I’m back baby. And I’ve got a serious amount of new juices that I’ve been wanting to review for you all.

Today I’m talking about Vapetasia Peach Lemonade, which I purchased on Lazada. Got it this morning in the post after about a 3 day wait. My tank was near empty this morning, so it was the perfect time to pump that new liquid in! And boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised.

I’d had a lemonade liquid in the past that I mostly liked, however, it had a little bit too much of a mint element, but since then I hadn’t been able to reprocure it, nor have I seen any other lemonades that took my fancy

This Peach Lemonade is definitely more lemonade than peach, check out the video below where I’ll go into a little bit more detail. There’s no menthol/mint nor cooling effect that I’m picking up on, however, we know taste is subjective and what I get from my vape experience isn’t necessarily what you will get, so keep that in mind – ALWAYS – lol.

For me, this is going to be an all-dayer, no doubt, already on my second tank of the day, and I won’t be putting it down any time soon. This is hans down in my top 3 favourites of all time right this minute!

Okay, enough waffle, here are some of the specifics

Vape Liquid Specs/Details

Flavour Profile: Peach Lemonade
Prominent Flavour: More Lemonade than Peach
Active Menthol/Mint: Nada
Active Cooling: Nope
Nicotine: 3mg
VG/PG: 70/30
Philippines Price: ~₱130 per 100ml (~$2.50 USD)


For more info, check out my latest video review:

See you in the next one!