STOP Smoking with Pod Systems

I stopped smoking!ย  I was a 40-year-old smoker, who bought an inexpensive vaping device, some flavoured nicotine liquid and within 3 days I stopped smoking.


I’m male, 40, smoked 15-20 every day for ~15 years. I wanted to STOP smoking.

Day 1: I bought 2 inexpensive items, a small vaping pod system and some Watermelon e-liquid (containing nicotine).
Results of Day 1: Struggled to get used to inhaling. Coughed a lot. Doubted I was doing it correctly. Was thinking, this isn’t going to be something for me

Day 2: I was still struggling a little, ie coughing. But now the watermelon flavour is enticing and satisfying, I’m enjoying the vapour production. I’m enjoying getting better at drawing.
Results of day 2: I smoked 2 cigarettes that day! Mind you, I probably had my pod system in my hand most of the day.

Day 3:ย Whenย that ritualistic time came, to have that best/first cigarette of the day, my brain said “try that watermelon vapour instead. you can have a smoke later if you want”.

I didn’t.

If you’d like to read my story in more detail, check out the following content. If you think a friend of yours might benefit from reading it, please pass it on, If you have any questions, comments are enabled at the bottom of this post. Good luck to you my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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My amazing story of quitting/stopping smoking with vaping

So roughly 11 months ago, I had my first experience with vaping. I wanted to quit smoking, christ, name me a smoker who doesn’t want to STOP! Am I right!?!?

So I went to my local vape shop. I’m super lucky that I have ~5 local Vape Shops within a 2km radius of me.

To be honest, times were a bit hard. But smoking where I was, was cheaps. ~US$1.50 a pack cheap in fact! But I was lucky, I had been given a small bit of cash by my brother (love you dude).

SO! I went to the vape shop with no particular plan or expectations. Could have been hundreds of dollars to vape, could have been 5 times as expensive to continue.

I had no illusions, I had a little cash and I had a want to stop smoking.


My rough backstory was that I smoked when I was a 15. I started smoking materials for relaxation that had tobacco in them. I did not realise what it was doing to me.

When I was 16, I had my first one. I was the person who vowed NEVER to smoke, and here I was, after a few months, scabbing smokes or halves (bums) after school.

Anywho, I went out and bought a Pod System that day also known as an All In One kit or AIO. I got some watermelon juice, the guys in the shop set it up for me, I went home and start my coughing journey!

Haha. Sorry, I don’t mean for it to sound bad, but the difference between smoking a cigarette and vaping is so different.


When you start vaping you are going to start coughing a lot, it’s right here at this point that you have to tell yourself it’s worth it. And that you can learn how to do it without coughing pretty quickly.

As a smoker, you will take a draw of your cigarette, inhaling the smoke into your mouth, withdraw the cigarette and then inhale the smoke into your lungs, quite possibly holding it there for a few seconds before exhaling

As a beginning vaper, the key is to exhale as soon as you’ve inhaled! You can perform the same task as above, but as soon as your finished inhaling, exhale, immediately! Exhale and enjoy that delicious taste of your juice, whatever it be.

After a day or two, you’ll have it mastered. And when you smoke a cigarette, you’ll hopefully start questioning the entire stupidity of it all.

When the coughing subsides…

After a day or two, that’s exactly what happened, on the second day, I smoked a couple of cigarettes, and I wasn’t enjoying them as much as the amount of which I was vaping more and more. The next day, I decided to not have my usual morning cigarette and to vape instead, and that’s all she wrote.

I can’t remember the day in its entirety, and there might have been a couple of moments when I may have wanted to smoke a cigarette, but I vaped instead, and never looked back.

About a month later, I was out and I had a drag of a cigarette and there was absolutely nothing appealing to me about it. It was horrible, and I was elated. As I knew as long as I could vape, I would never go back ๐Ÿ™‚

So that’s my story. I wanted to share it, because if it helps just one person, then I’ll be happy.

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After thoughts

Some details I kind of missed with the video that you might not be aware of, is that there are 2 main types of devices, a pod system, like that in the video, or a mod and tank system, which is something you might want to consider as you get more comfortable with the pod system. I won’t go too much into the mod and tank system right now.

Personally, I started with a Pod System, then went to a Mod/Tank system, and now I’m experimenting with pods again, as they are handy for when you out and about, and to be honest, I’m really into the whole Vape Industry and products that are out there.

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